aiGrunn: testing chatgpt checkers - Arend Top & Rix Groenboom

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(One of my summaries of the 2023 Dutch aiGrunn AI conference in Groningen, NL).

The world of education was a bit shocked by chatgpt. The instance they work for advices to be a bit careful, but allows it. But you’re not allowed to let chatgpt write parts of your official thesis, just like you’re not allowed to let a family member write it. Chatgpt usage can be treated as fraud.

Well, which tools can be used to search for possible fraud?

  • GTP-2 output detector

  • Copyleaks

  • GPTZero

  • AI detector pro

  • Corrector app

  • Chatgpt (yes, you can ask it whether it looks like it wrote something).

They looked at 40 student reports from a variety of fields. Also both Dutch and English. And from between januari 2020 and june 2022, so before chatgpt could have been used. For every report, they made three summaries:

  • One by a human.

  • One by chagtgpt.

  • Chatgpt, but altered by QuillBot, which should make it look less recognizable.

So: 120 test samples in total. In the end copyleaks performed the best. The others didn’t do well. logo

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