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Opening of the third European Djangocon! Remco tells us to behave as there’s a java island (java-eiland in Dutch, see photo below) 200m from the conference location. So if you write non-clean code during the sprints you’ll be banished to this prison island :-)

Nice to see our (Nelen & Schuurmans) company name right there on the left hand side on one of the big sponsor banners, btw!

The question everyone is about to ask: yes, the wifi is holding up nicely :-)

Warning: the public transport in Amsterdam is on strike on tuesday. Good thing that the city of Amsterdam sponsors us with free bikes for the duration of the conference.

On wednesday there are bitbucket-sponsored drinks. Also several other people have been invited from tech companies in Amsterdam and from ruby/js/etc.

On hashtags: on twitter, look at #djangocon.

View of the java island logo

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