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Hi, I'm Reinout van Rees. A Django/Python programmer from the Netherlands. Happily married to Annie van Rees and with two kids (one of them has her own website now!). Main content here is my weblog: mostly programming-related, but also personal stuff. But I also have some pages on recumbent bikes and building-construction research :-)

Ik ben Reinout van Rees, een Django/Python programmeur en ligfietser. Da's tenminste het het gros wat je hier op m'n website zult vinden. Ik ben getrouwd met Annie van Rees en we hebben twee kinderen.


Reinout van Rees (with 'I speak python' shirt)

Meanwhile on other websites...

I've got stuff spread out on lots of different sites.

Nelen & Schuurmans
My work: open source python software developer at a water consultancy company. Great combination of civil engineering and IT.
IT question/answer website
My educational and professional background
I basically only use it during conferences. verlanglijst
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IT voor m'n familie