Turtle sprint, day 1

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We’re having a week-long company-internal sprint this week:

  • Four programmers.

  • Somewhere outside the office (40 km outside the office, more or less). A nice excuse for me for doing a 37km bicycle ride!

  • No disturbance by people stopping at your desk. And the implied permission to be rude to everyone who bugs you by telephone. And permission to ignore your email for a week.

  • Fully focused on improving the code.

Sprinting in Renswoude

Ok, what’s that turtle? A set of python scripts and libraries for Arcgis, a commercial GIS package. The scripts steer you into using a specific methodology of dealing with your geographic data, resulting in better analysis and better maps.

What are some of the things we want to solve?

  • A proper windows installation.

  • A graphical export of connected water areas. Basically “graphviz” for those that know that python library.

  • Anything we can fix after that is a bonus.

Dealing with arcgis can be a pain. Commercial and closed source, so some errors just stay plain unexplained. No way to debug. A comment by a colleague today is illustrating: it is like going to a bakery and asking for a bread and getting the answer “sorry, we’re out of pork chops”. Aargh, that’s not what I asked for!

What did we get done today?

  • I fixed up the python package structure, mostly. Listing requirements in the setup.py. Converting one of the two main products to a proper svn trunk/tags/branches structure.

  • Pieter got cracking with a windows installer around our buildouts. Not finished yet, but the buildouts themselves can already be installed. Great work.

  • Coen and Jonas introduced us to the code, fixed and closed bugs all day, answered questions. They’re the two main authors of turtle, so they’re happy we’re finally having a full week with the four of us to work on it full-time.

On to four more days!

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