Createcoverage and createzopecoverage

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Looking at your code coverage is a good idea. But I found it a bit tedious to remember the correct --with-coverage switch for the test runner and then to remember the correct line to generate reports and then to open them in my webbrowser. So about a year ago I made a small package “tha.coverage” that would do all of that. One single command to get your coverage reports generated and opened in your webbrowser.

Someone asked for the source code because he wanted to make modifications. Oops, internal in my old company’s svn. One email later I got the source code: “put it on bitbucket and rename it”. There are now two fresh packages:

In both cases, I assume you’re using buildout and that there’s a bin/test that runs your tests. Just run bin/createcoverage (or bin/createzopecoverage) to get your coverage reports.

See createcoverage’s pypi page for some more information and configuration hints.

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