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Summary: yep, we (Nelen & Schuurmans) need a new Python/Django programmer! Location: Utrecht, the Netherlands, right in the center of town. The work subject? Geodjango and water management: that’s the shortest summary.

Five months ago I wrote about an upcoming job opening. We got, if I remember correctly, nine reactions, eight of which mentioned “yeah, I saw on Reinout’s blog/twitter…”. The power of twitter and blogs wasn’t demonstrated that vividly to my colleages yet :-) The end effect was that when we invited people to come round for a talk, they were introduced internally as “oh, some of Reinout’s friends are coming”… That meant I had some explaining to do during lunch :-)

Business is booming and there’s yet another big project coming our way. Help! We really need to crank up the output. At the moment we’re three people doing the practical day-to-day Django coding with another one coming up in a week. Cooperative, productive, friendly. We could really use another pair of hands (and a brain, of course).

  • Django experience? Not needed per se, Django is friendly and modular enough that we can teach you. But on the other hand, we really want to get cracking turning out new websites!

  • Bonus points if you’re any good in html/css/javascript. If I tell former colleague (and css wizard) Mirella that I’m now the local number one css expert, she’ll probably laugh out loud. I’m not bad at all, but a bit of extra knowledge won’t hurt. That reminds me: I’ve got to interrogate our new colleague on his level of css knowledge…

  • We want good software. As an illustration, I’ve set up a Hudson continuous integration server to monitor the tests, code coverage and the pep8/pyflakes score. We really need to get our act together to get our code coverage up to percentages that I dare mention here.

  • Packaging, automation, buildout, hudson, deployment: we’ve got that one right. Lots of automation. Buildout helps a lot. Repeatable. Deployments are boring (as they should be) as they’re mostly flawless.

  • Windows experience would be helpful as we sometimes need to deploy on windows. In practice all three (and soon four) of us Django programmers are on Ubuntu.

The timeframe? What I heard is a closing date of 23 September. But we might start inviting people over sooner as there really are a couple of projects lining up. So don’t wait too long.

The official stuff? The official vacature (update: updated link) is on our website. Yep, that’s in Dutch. I’m afraid that speaking Dutch is handiest to get settled into the company. We might be open for an experiment, though :-)

You can always mail me if you’ve got further questions, of course.

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