Firefox (linux) delicious extension broken

I regularly update my firefox extentions (on ubunbu) when presented with the option. Almost always, everything is OK. But last week the latest del.icio.ous (now update broke my firefox:

  • The delicious bookmark menus would not show.

  • No more pageup/pagedown, cursor keys, spacebar, tab.

Especially that last one is serious. Completely breaking the main way in which I interact with my pages… I did not know a plugin could have that much effect. Pretty bad that a plugin can have that effect and pretty bad that a plugin does break most keyboard interaction.

I reported it on the support forum. I’m not the only one.

So: watch out when updating this extension on linux! Pretty bad that it’s broken as I generally like the extension a lot! So I hope that they’ll fix it soon :-) logo

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