New checkoutmanager releases

Tags: python, django

I released checkoutmanager three days ago. An easy tool for managing all your svn/hg/bzr/git checkouts. After mentioning it on my blog, I got quite some positive reactions, bug reports and feature requests. Yeah! Nice to see that it’s useful!

Bug reports and feature requests mean I got to make some changes and fixes and new releases, of course :-) So 1.1 and 1.2 are out. Some of the bigger changes:

  • It works on windows now.

  • Better initial experience by printing the sample config file if you don’t have it yet. And updated the documentation to make it clearer. (Seeing a colleage install it is often instructional!)

  • Added a -v/–verbose option that prints the commands and the directory where you execute them. Handy if you want to know exactly what’s happening.

  • I’m checking the exit code of all executed commands. When there’s an error, the command and working directory are printed and also the output. And the script stops right away. Errors (mostly svn conflict errors) could go unnoticed otherwise). logo

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