Zest.releaser: git support and tests

Tags: python, zestreleaser

I just released 2.10 of zest.releaser. There are two important changes.

  • Git support. I hardly use git, except when working on pep8 (which has a 0.4.2 release now which doesn’t warn when using decorators on methods). As I made the last couple of releases, the lack of git support in zest.releaser started to bug me.

    There’s already svn and mercurial (hg) support, so adding a third versioning system was quite quick. Especially since the second change was already in place:

  • Tests. Zest.releaser was untested till a week ago. Shame on me. I publicly said it was bad in a previous post on testing. And that fixing it was on my TODO list.

    The situation has been mostly rectified: in one week from 0 to 94% coverage! Still not 100%, but we’re getting there. And: testing has allowed me to do some pretty hefty refactoring and cleaning-up without fear of breaking anything. Hurray for tests.

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