Contact lenses week 4

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It’s been almost a month since I started wearing contact lenses. Here’s an update:

  • The strength of my right eye’s lens was adjusted from -4.5 to -4: a great improvement. My sight is much better now.

  • Incidentally, the change in strength resulted in much less involuntary rotation of the lens. The rotation (which is bad if you have a cylinder in the lens) still occurs sometimes. The final set of lenses that’s currently on order will have a slightly different shape that ought to ensure they stay put.

  • Getting them in and out of my eyes every morning and evening is a non-event. I get them in on the first try in 90% of the cases now. In all other cases, a second try suffices.

  • Not having to wipe your glasses after some rain is great.

  • The extra sideways visibility is great.

  • Not having glasses when donning your fencing mask during medieval swordfighting training is great. logo

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