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For me, putting my reaction to a article about intelligence types online was a good way of starting off a series I planned to do about the various tests/classifications/surveys I've filled in over the years that try to map your personality/capabilities/preferences into certain categories. Think of belbin's team roles, enneagram's 9 types, etc. I'll file all those results here using the tag capabilities.


  • It is a handy reference for myself. From time to time I want to look up what my belbin types were. Or that handy enneagram link for my specific type.
  • I don't mind publishing this kind of information. At the moment, a google search for "reinout van rees" give some 73400 results at the moment, so you can probably deduct some of the outcomes anyway if you put your mind to it. And: it can help people to interact better with me as they understand me better.
  • These kind of results can't hurt. Not one personality type is bad. Not one team role is bad. Every team role is needed sometimes, for instance.

On the other hand, I'm probably doing something courageous/stupid here, as I will be unable to get it out of a lot of search engine's caches or For those that thought they removed stuff from the internet: search for it on and start screaming. Unless your website is very very very small, quite a lot of content is historically cached :-) logo

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