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I just got the europython 2006 program and my talk is in: Generating content types and workflow with ArchGenXML , hurray! Monday morning, right before lunch, which is a good spot as far as I'm concerned.

For many people, ArchGenXML is the most attractive way to get started with Plone development. Generating your content types from a UML class diagram is easy and fast, especially as ArchGenXML sets up all the "bookkeeping code" for you: the, the, etc. The presentation will cover this and I'll also show how to modify the generated code to your special needs.

ArchGenXML is great at generating a complete workflow out of UML state diagrams. You get good code that hardly ever needs modification from a UML diagram that you can readily show to your customer - and he'll be able to understand it (mostly). I'll show how to do this in the presentation.

Depending on the improvements made on ArchGenXML I hope to show our support for zope3 goodies in plone 2.5.

Oh, and allow me a brief recommendation of eXtremeManagement of projects with Plone that my brother Maurits gives on monday right after lunch :-)

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"Thanks!" by Reinout van Rees on 2006-06-24 20:00:35
Handy to have an existing presentation to look at, thanks.
"Presentation" by Richard Amerman (fifer) on 2006-06-24 18:39:15

Sounds great!

I have given a talk on AGX twice in the past few months. I have a presentation at:

Feel free to use any of it that seems useful. If you would like the origional presentation from OpenOffice let me know and I'll email it.

Richard Amerman 7 Tech NW

"Congrats!" by nouri on 2006-06-08 23:02:32

Nice! logo

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