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Britt Blaser (currently enterpreneur, previously Hercules pilot in Vietnam) has a good thing to say about the US election

It is a fairly lengthy, but well-written, read. First he quotes Arianna Huffington

Deep in the brain lies the amygdala, an almond-sized region that generates fear. When this fear state is activated, the amygdala springs into action. Before you are even consciously aware that you are afraid, your lizard brain responds by clicking into survival mode. No time to assess the situation, no time to look at the facts, just: fight, flight or freeze.

And, boy, have the Bushies been giving our collective amygdala a workout. Especially Dick Cheney, who has proven himself an unmatched master of the dark art of fear-mongering.

Then he starts off with some vietnam-combat experience, on how you had to suppress the standard-fear-reaction in order to keep thinking logically - in order to survive.

Lastly, he vents some very understandable gripes on how the current Bush administration deals with "their" christianity. Read confessing Christ in a world of violence if you've got your belly full of their behaviour. That article provides some serious question marks for Bush's policies. logo

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