Weathering / altern / vervuilen

Some examples:

  • Neu-Schwarzburg (de). Mixing some unspecified mild degreasing fluid with black oil paint (100:1) and then slowly putting on layers on your steam locomotive. No matte varnish. Keep your loco up, don’t put it on its side. Paint in vertical strokes from the bottom to the top. At the end, put some blackish powder on the loco. Again, no varnish layer: this ruins the matte look. Example photo. And lots more great-looking examples.

    Note that this is a method that’s not ideal for me because I handle my locos by hand from time to time. Also: kids… :-)

  • Some good examples and quite a number of different methods at the ‘modellbahnfrokler’ (de). Note: no airbrush needed. logo

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