PyGrunn: being a python developer in NL in 2021 - Emiel Kempen

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(One of my summaries of a talk at the 2021 10th Dutch PyGrunn one-day python conference).

He wants to show us some insights from the 2021 offerzen developer survey . (The report is open data, btw, so you can download the data and do your own analysis on it.)

Background and education.

  • Junior/senior: after 4 year, you’re no longer a junior. Management roles start pick up after 6-10 years. Note: there are differences between countries.

  • Salary: 32k for a junior, 47k intermediate, 60k senior, 73k tech lead/management. The rise in salary is pretty linear with your career progression.

  • Degrees: 57% computer science.

  • A massive amount (44%) is self-taught. 28% at school, 21% at university.

  • People start coding young! 13-18 year is the most prevalent.

  • 75% do some coding for fun outside of their jobs.

Skills and learning

  • The most promising industry: AI and cloud computing. (It is a bit weird that they’re grouped together, perhaps).

  • Python is the most desired language devs want to work with, followed by typescript and go.

  • The most used languages are javascript, sql and typescript. Python is #4.

  • Frequency of learning a new language: 30% every few months, 32% once a year and 33% every few years.


  • Devs like challenging projects (67%). New languages/frameworks is 43%.

  • Non-financial things devs look for when looking for a new job: 58% the language to work with. 50% opportunity to grow. 48% office environment or company culture.

  • 26% want to stay for at least 5 years, 23% at least 2 years. The rest is looking for jobs within 2 years or sooner.

  • Reasons to leave: 48% bad management. 42% looks for a better salary. The work/life balance is number three.

  • Reason to stay: work/life balance (62%), people you work with (55%).

You can take the survey for next year’s report here: logo

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