Foss4g NL: the very best new features of qgis 3.x - Kurt Menke (keynote)

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(One of my summaries of a talk at the 2021 FOSS4G NL one-day conference).

He wrote two books on QGis: (“discover qgis” and “qgis for hydrological applications”).

Some of the nicest new features in recent qgis releases.

  • The temporal controller!

  • The browser panel now exposes fields from your data sources. A handy UI feature.

  • Browser panel: you can color-code your items now.

  • Right-click on the map and you get a context menu. Handy for copying coordinates, for instance, but there will be more later.

  • You can add notes to layers.

  • On the bottom left there’s a “go-to locator” to find items in your contents. It can now also do geocoding (“nominatim geocoder”). What also works: copying an openstreetmap or google maps URL.

  • Attribute table: you can now quickly filter on “selected features” or “visible features” so that you don’t get the entire table contents.

  • Color vision deficiency tools: you can get a preview of your map, rendered such as a color blind person would see it.

  • Interpolated line renderer. A renderer that collapses areas into one.

  • Label callout: labels that get placed way from the feature for better readability. There are some new render methods here for the connecting line. Balloon label callouts are also possible.

  • Custom legend patches. He really likes these to get a much nicer legend. The style manager also support it. You can even grab a shape from your own map and use it. And… there’s “browse online styles”. Check it out!

  • Print composer: you can clip the map to a shape. Nice for non-rectangular shapes.

  • Print composer: dynamic text, for automatically rendering the date, project name, etc.

  • Point cloud support. A new data source. They’re also supported in the 3d view. You can also export it to Blender.

  • “Raster attribute table” plugin. Picks up when there’s a separate table with classes for rendering rasters. logo

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