Devopsdays 2020: securing your devops transformation - April Edwards

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(One of my summaries of a talk at the 2020 online devopsdays Amsterdam conference).

She quotes Gartner: “95% of cloud breaches occur due to human errors such as configuration mistakes”. Passwords in repositories, for instance.

A common problem is deadlines. It is easy to cut back a bit on security to meet a business deadline or objective…. Manual processes and culture also hinders security innovation. Interference from management. Fear of failure. Lack of learning.

Devops: people, process, products. Five main things to pay attention to:

  • Enable secure development. What tools do you use?

  • Secure your development devices and development environment.

  • Make sure your source code control is secure.

  • CI/CD tooling and all the other automatic checks you can do.

  • Good alerting and monitoring. logo

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