Devopsdays 2019: ignite talks

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Dolce Far Niente: In praise of the art of doing nothing - Alessandro Vozza

We have our 24 hour hamster wheel of work. Homo econonomicus. Getting things done.

There’s a cloud gazers society: they just look at clouds. No, not the IT clouds, but the real clouds outside in the sky :-)

Look at clouds. Be lazy. Lazy time is time saved up for later :-)

Progressive improvements - Mauro Mandracchia

A fast and successful workflow with failures and nothing to be ashamed of.

We start with accountability. Often humans get the blame, for instance in accidents with ships or planes. But why are machines so perfect even though they’re build by humans?!?

Perfection is the killer of any good.

If you design a system: design it so that it tolerates failures. Then it will be robust.

Allow yourself and others to fail. Be humble.

How to survive and thrive in a BigCo - Michael Coté

If you’re working in a toxic environment, you’ll have to narrow your objectives.

You will get tips like “just do what you have to do”. Don’t do anything extra. And don’t get creative.

Get a mentor, but what you really need is a champion.

Relax: just work as little as possible. That is part of your compensation.

Also grab all the extra’s (like gym memberships).

Powerpoint: a corporate presentation is a regular document that is accidentally printed in landscape.

He has some more here: (free in the week of the conference)

Stop for Go - Noam Tenne

Kubernetes have “pre-stop hooks”.

He wrote to make it easy to work with the hook: it can send a signal to any go application.

The seven deadly diseases - @botchagalupe

You cannot lean, agile of devops your way around a bad organisation culture.

  • Measuring and monitoring everything. Most don’t know what they really want or need to measure.

  • Multiple work managent tools (email + all the others)

  • Misalignment of incentives.

  • Institutional versus tribal knowledge. Knowledge you need, but don’t really have.

  • Incongruent organisational design. The company isn’t structured in the best way possible.

  • Managing complexity. Complex systems are often not understood.

  • Security and compliance, devsecops. Security theater. logo

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