Devopsdays 2019: several ‘ignite’ talks

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The IJ & the shape of DevOps - Jason Yee

The IJ is the river/lake behind the conference building (in Amsterdam). Well, what is it? A river or a lake? Now it looks more like a river, if you look at older maps, it is more of a lake. It changed!

CLAMS - culture, lean, automation, metrics, sharing. You can make a graph out of it with five axis. Map out your organisation! Look at the shape. Is it changing? Does it need to change?

What you see is what you get… for AWS infrastructure - Anton Babenko

Cloud architects. DevOps engineers. The cloud architects have various tools to make nice overviews and graphical images of the infrastructure they’re planning, for instance for amazon.

Devops: everything should be code. So what do we want? Textual formats! Like terraform’s configuration format.

There’s an “export to terraform” function now. It is/uses terraform code generated out of’s data

YAML considered harmful - Philipp Krenn

Why do we want yaml?

  • We want something human-readable, so that rules out xml.

  • We want comments, so that rules out json.

There are issues, though. Weird conversion of strings. 80:80 becomes the string "80:80", but 20:20 becomes the number 20 to the power of 20. Somehow.

TOML is an alternative that tries to fix several issues, but it isn’t perfect.

If you stick to yaml: quote more than you do now! logo

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