Pygrunn preparations

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Tomorrow (friday 2019-05-10), I’m going to the nice one-day Dutch python (and friends) pygrunn conference in Groningen (NL) again. Sold out, as usual. And rightfully so.

Anyway, to be honest, this blog entry is mostly about me testing my blog setup on a new laptop. I’ve got a linux laptop at work (which has its advantages) and since a few months I’ve got a second-hand macbook pro at home (because linux also has its disadvantages). But I never got around to setting up my blog software here till now. And I’m taking the macbook to the conference, so high time to get everything working :-)

I’m giving a talk myself on cookiecutter, the handy tool to create initial project structures. I’m a big fan of it, so I’m glad to tell the fine folk at pygrunn about the joys and advantages of using it. I gave the talk before at work and at the Amsterdam python meetup, but that was a couple of months ago. So I invested two days to polish and re-order and rehearse the presentation again. And I updated the presentation with some more photos and videos of my model railway… logo

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