public transport efficiency with geopandas and GTFS - Pieter Mulder

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(One of my summaries of a talk at the 2017 conference).

Pieter Mulder works at dooor2door on a ride-sharing platform. He works on the research into demand.

He uses:

  • geopandas, which extents pandas with a geometical column type (using ‘shapely’).

    You can even reproject a geometry series from one projection to another.

  • GTFS: generic transit feed specification. It is defined by google: a common format for transportation schedules and associated geographical information. It isn’t scary, it is basically a zipfile with a bunch of csv files.

  • Geonotebook: adds a map to your jupyter notebook with two-way interaction.

He then showed a demo with jupyter. Extracting all stops from local Karlsruhe GTFS files. Plotting them on the map. Searching for bus or tram stops within 5 minutes walking distance. Finding the stops you can reach with a trip of max half an hour.

Nice demo!

(Something similar is being done with opentripplanner (written in java).)

Photo explanation: picture from our recent cycling holiday (NL+DE). Disused railway bridge over the Rhein at Wesel. logo

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