Fossgis: new features in metador - Axel Schaefer

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(One of my summaries of a talk at the 2017 fossgis conference).

Metador is a metadata editor. Metadata for geodata. It is well-adaptable to various metadata formats, also organisation-internal formats. You can export into various formats. And you can configure validation.

So… what will be new in metador 2.1 (expected later this year):

  • The plugin system is now available.

  • Validation. Internally inside the program mostly for required fields or the correct xml format. You can let external checkers (INSPIRE, for instance) validate it, too.

  • More helpers in the user interface.

  • Metador can cooperate with a CSW (‘catalog services for the web’) via an export. Newer versions will provide the CSW protocol itself.

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