Fossgis: Angular 2 geo apps with YAGA - Arne Schubert and Stephan Herritsch

Tags: fossgis, geo

(One of my summaries of a talk at the 2017 fossgis conference).

Yaga is a collection of tools.

Angular 2 is a complete rewrite of angular. It came out in september 2016. The final release is very nice. A good framework.

They build leaflet-ng2, which is the leaflet integration for angular2. It is a “granular” integration, which means that you can do many low-level tasks (like adding a specific layer) with angular, instead of having one big leaflet component that you start up once and cannot adjust later.

So: for every leaflet class, there is an angualar2 directive. They took care to document it very well and they have 99% test coverage!

He showed a nice interactive demo. You can follow along with the various steps by looking at the commits in

They used ionic2 to get the interface on mobile phones, too. Recommended. logo

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