Fossgis: create printable maps on the web - Hartmut Holzgraefe

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(One of my summaries of a talk at the 2017 fossgis conference).

Hartmut likes big maps, so the first thing he does in a new house is to hang up a big map. He managed to find an A1 format printer…

He wanted to make smaller maps for social institutes in the neighbourhood with the relevant bus stops and hospitals and so. So he started experimenting.

  • First try: screenshots. No, to few pixels to get a nice print.

  • Second try: Openstreetmap website download. Hard to get the correct size.

  • Third try: maposmatic ( This one worked. It generates maps for you. If you need it, it can split it over multiple pages. You even get an index of street names.

Problem: not much happened on the maposmatic project. Website was sometimes down and the map styling was outdated. So he started a fork at . It supports one or multiple pages, different paper formats, whether you want to have a steet index or not, whether you want extra info (bike paths, for instance), etc.

What he also added: you can add overlays on top of the map, for instance for showing the location of all fire department hydrants.

For his original goal of small local maps he started a javascript frontend to easily add specific points, (it didn’t work for me, there seems to be a working version at )

Photo explanation: just a nice unrelated picture from the recent beautiful ‘on traxs’ model railway exibition (see video ) logo

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