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At home, I’m building a model railway. I haven’t shown anything about it on my blog, yet. I’m planning to show something from time to time, though. And I’m planning to start a new section of my website, dedicated to my railway, once I’ve figured out a good way to host images here :-)

Very very quickly: I’m modelling my railway after a single track secondary line in 1970 in Germany (the Eifelquerbahn for those familiar with German railways). It is located in the attic, which means I needed some creative solutions.

One of those creative solutions was “how to span the 2 meter gap over the staircase”.

Well, from below the stairs, it looks like this:

A reasonably light-weight two-part plywood box construction 10-20cm width and some 40cm high. 2m long, it is only supported at the ends. Plenty strong, as the entire backplane is solid 12mm thick plywood. A door hinge connects the two parts in the center. At the top a bolt keeps the two parts aligned correctly.

And… the reason why I’m posting this blog post: I’ve just finished the landscape of this section! Here’s a video:

Some comments:

  • The landscape might be ready, but the train still needs to be weathered (=made dirtier). And the coaches need passengers and lighting.

  • The train is running through a stop-showing signal. Sorry, I haven’t connected the signal yet.

  • Yes, it is a prototypical push/pull train. I’m not being lazy by not running the locomotive around :-)

  • If you can read dutch, I’ve got a lot of info on the Beneluxspoor forum

  • I’ve started in German on Stummiforum.

At least it is something different from my regular programming-related stuff here on this blog :-) logo

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