Djangocon sprint: zest.releaser 5.0 runs on python 3

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Good news! zest.releaser supports python 3.3+ now!

Now… what is zest.releaser? zest.releaser takes care of the boring release tasks for you. So: make easy, quick and neat releases of your Python packages. The boring bit?

  • Change the version number (1.2.dev0 -> 1.2 before releasing and 1.2 -> 1.3.dev0 after releasing).

  • Add a new heading in your changelog. Preferrably record the release date in the changelog, too.

  • svn/git/bzr/hg tag your project.

  • Perhaps upload it to pypi.

Zest.releaser takes care of this for you! Look at the docs on for details. The short page on our assumptions about a releasable python project might be a good starting point.

Now on to the python 3.3 support. It was on our wish list for quite some time and now Richard Mitchell added it, kindly sponsored by isotoma! We got a big pull request last week and I thought it would be a good idea to try and merge it at the djangocon sprint. Reason? There are people there who can help me with python 3.

Pull request 101 was the important one. So if you want to get an idea of what needs to be done on a python package that was first released in 2008, look at that one :-)

Long-time zest.releaser users: read Maurits’ list of improvements in 4.0, released just two weeks ago.

Running on python 3 is enough of a change to warrant a 5.0 release, though. Apart from python 3, the biggest change is that we now test the long description (what ends up on your pypi page) with the same readme library that pypi itself uses. So no more unformatted restructured text on your pypi page just because there was a small error somewhere. Handy. Run longtest to check it. If it renders OK, it’ll be opened in your webbrowser, always handy when you’re working on your readme. logo

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