Cutting down a tree

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Yesterday I finally cut down a chestnut (NL: kastanje) in our back yard. The poor thing was already dead, so I wanted it out of the way. It took me 8 hours with a reasonably big hand saw:

I’m still feeling sore all-over, but getting the exercise was nice :-)

Halfway through I discovered a dove’s nest somewhere high up in a crack in the tree. There were gashes and weak bits and cracks all over the place. The tree was composed of various limbs all twisting around each other a bit. So the good parts held the bad parts up, basically.

Anyway, I only discovered the nest after two hours and I hadn’t seen a bird yet, so the egg was cold. After an hour, two doves started flying over the tree, one of them looking a bit disapprovingly in my direction. Ah well…. I spotted one of them with some fresh twigs, so they’ll have another go. logo

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