Updated instructions to fix macbook pro with black screen

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Last week I wrote about my macbook pro and its screen that suddenly stayed black after waking it from sleep. Including instructions on how to fix it. I now have improved instructions…

The piece of crap did it again. (This time there was no external monitor in play, btw)

Symptoms: you open up your late 2014 macbook pro 15” and expect it to wake from sleep in 0.5 seconds. Instead the screen stays black.

  • Press shift-option-control-power and release them all at the same time. This resets the “system management controller”, amongst others it makes sure the “power” button actually reacts.

  • Now look at the back of your mac’s screen. Make sure the light of the apple logo is off. If necessary, keep the power button pressed for 5 seconds to force a shutdown. (The power button should work again after step 1).

  • Keep your fingers ready for pressing command-option-p-r at the same time. You need both hands for this weird combination. Press the power button and then hold these four keys. Your mac will now actually boot, give you the startup sound and lo and behold, you’ve got your screen back.

I do hope apple will fix this Real Soon. I suspect a software bug. I hope it isn’t a hardware one. It was a hardware bug (wrong solder being used for the video card connection) that brought down my previous macbook after four years… Apples are great machines for programming (python) and I’m in love with the retina display, but…

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