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We wanted to have a plate or something with our name next to the front door. It is a handy service for people visiting us without being 100% sure about the house number. Same for the postal service.

My wife had the excellent idea to use a group photograph of a holiday for it. Every holiday we ask someone to take a photo of the four of us next to our fully laden bicycles.

So I took one of those photos last year and added our name and house number to it and stuck it in a plastic file folder and taped it shut. This year I used the plastification tool (which I bought for a different project half a year ago).

Now… how to stick it to the wall without too much effort? I thought about using a couple of screws and thick see-through plastic (plexiglass, perspex, lexan, whatever it is called). But a visit to the DIY shop turned up a much simpler solution: double-sided thick outdour adhesive tape! One package costs about 10 Euro, but it’ll last me 10 years, too.

Just make a new photo every year and stick it to the wall with the double sided tape. You’ve got something new once a year and the photo stays reasonably OK. It’ll last a year without too much dimming of the colors.

A cheap and not too elaborate solution to have something original next to your front door! logo

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