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tl;dr summary: mail a colleague if you see something that just might be useful to them.

A couple of weeks ago I made a django app way faster. The most important improvement was to use python’s build-in datetime.datetime.strptime() to parse dates instead of the iso8601 library. 20 times faster for our use case.

Last week, a colleague mailed me a link to with as email subject “you’re not the only one that found date parsing to be slow”. He just saw the article and mailed it to me. He didn’t even read it in detail.

To me, it looked quite relevant and I did read it in detail. Wow! A datetime parsing library that promises to be even faster? . Trying it out meant changing 5 lines or so. Wow! Another 6x speed increase compared to strptime()!

Good news for our customers. Good news for the django app. All because of a simple quick mail.

So… think about your colleagues when you spot something that might be especially useful! It might just be the link that makes their day. logo

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