Ontraxs 2014 model railway exhibition

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On friday I took a day off from work to go to the Dutch railway museum, just a short 30 minutes cycling from my home. The reason: the 2014 edition (the 6th) of the “Ontraxs” model railway exhibition.

They only invite beautiful layouts with a good landscape, which sets them apart from the other big exhibitions that have lower standards. It also means there are fewer big layouts with lots of trains, so if you like that more: go to the other exhibitions. Or just visit them all :-)

Anyway, I liked the exhibition. Everything was well made, but of course several were more to my taste than others. I’ve made a video (15 minutes) showing the nicest layouts.

Additionaly, I made a 3 minute one of the layout I personally liked best. The landscape was nice, but I especially liked the realistic operation they showed. Real train traffic that really seemed to serve a purpose:

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