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A bit of a delayed entry… I switched from glasses to contact lenses in 2009 and wrote a couple of blog entries about my experiences.

However: after about two years I switched back to glasses. (I did say this entry was a tad delayed). Here are some comments:

  • The main reason was money. Twice a year you need a new package of six pairs of month lenses. Quite costly. Less than glasses, but the cost is recurring. And don’t forget the cleaning fluid. After two years I had the idea I had paid the same sum I’d otherwise had paid for glasses. Time to switch.

  • The most direct reason was an accident. A few weeks before it happened I had problems getting a lens out. It had shifted a bit to the side and got dry and stuck to my eye.

    The real accident was that my right eye’s lens wasn’t sitting right. That lens had a cylinder, so my vision would be no-lens-in bad when it was rotated upside down. It dropped when taking it out and putting it in again. Without me noticing it. Ah, it is upside down (I thought) and tried for 15 minutes to peel my own eye out. Until I spotted the lens lying near the sink in the bathroom. That little episode did not feel safe.

  • Oh, how wonderful it is to just put your glasses on your desk in the evening and pop them up again in the morning. It takes a second (instead of one or two minutes with glasses). To me, this was a bigger advantage than expected. Nice.

Anyway… I’ll stick with glasses for the rest of my life, I guess :-) logo

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