iOS 7

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I’ve updated my iphone and ipad to Apple’s latest iOS release. Some thoughts:

  • It feels like I’ve just gotten a fresh new phone. Or at least a 50 Euro upgrade. It looks nicer and has some handy features.

  • Working with a non-updated app that still uses the old looks feels oldfashioned after just a day of working with the new OS. Apps that were fine yesterday suddenly look like windows 3.1. Weird to notice it has such a strong effect on me :-)

  • The swipe-from-the-bottom control panel is real handy. Only drawback (for me) is that it is easy to switch on the music playback by accidentally tapping in the wrong spot. Kinda tricky when it is on speaker and it suddenly blares out in company :-)

  • The only real thing that irritates me: switching to the numerical keyboard is slow. It used to take a few milliseconds, but it feels like a full second now (on an iphone 4s).

So… Happy with the upgrade! logo

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