Nice interviews with Django developers (including me)

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Hayri Cicek recently started and sent a bunch of interview questions to Django developers. My interview is online now (as are two others).

I must say, I liked the questions. And I also really liked the other two interviews that are online now. And I hope more’ll come :-)

Why? Well, most of the questions seem pretty standard, but they go deeper than they seem. “What is Django” turns out to be a fun question because you can compare the various answers. What is the common theme in the answers? What is important to actual developers?

Another question is “what does your typical day look like?”. This could give widely different results from person to person. I’m a bit 9:00 to 17:30-like because I have kids at home that dictate much of the daily schedule. How does that work for others? Again, nice to compare the answers and to get a bit of a look into someone else’s daily life.

Anyway… Do check out from time to time! Good job, Hayri. logo

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