Pypi and externally-hosted distributions

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There’s a whopping huge discussion on Python’s catalog-SIG mailinglist about deprecating external links on PyPI (the Python Package Index).

What is the problem? Well, my colleague has this now:

$ pip install mercurial
Downloading/unpacking mercurial

An endless wait for downloading mercurial from PyPI. Bad PyPI, right? No, actually not. Pip (or buildout) looks at

This page is full of download URLs like . Which have been failing for a couple of hours now because currently the mercurial website is down (it will probably be up again if you read this later). What I want to see is PyPI-hosted download links like .

PyPI reliability has been really good lately. But if you have a PIP requirements file or a buildout with many dependencies, two or three of those dependencies will be on external non-PyPI servers, like mercurial’s. So instead of the reliable PyPI, you now have three servers that can be down…

Andreas said it best: I give a shit at the arguments pulled out every time by package maintainers using PyPI only for listing their packages.

Some arguments might be valid, but these projects are, taken as one group, actively breaking pip and buildout regularly.

So I agree with Andreas. I don’t really care about “the arguments pulled out every time”. Effectively actively breaking pip and buildout is bad, period.

Update: Donald Stufft mentioned, a list of python packages not hosted on PyPI. That’s quite a list, actually. logo

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