Temporary standing desk at work

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I’ve got a standing desk at home that I quite like. So I thought “why not also try it at the office?”.

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My poor desk is now lacking four screws: every leg is only using one screw for the very last hole in the legs. Stable enough for a temporary test, but not something that I want all the time. So I’ll have to find longer legs or a different desk. And it’ll have to be some 5 cm higher, too.

The main difference with my home desk is the amount of time I spend behind it: a full 8 hour working day (instead of a couple of hours in the evening at home). I’ve been at it for a few days now and it works out quite fine. Some quick observations:

  • I walk around a lot more. If I want to ask something of someone sitting two desks away I’ll just walk over instead of talking to him while sitting in my chair.

  • I feel active at the end of the day! A bit tired in my legs, but I feel at least 2 cm taller.

  • Discussing with a colleague often means sitting down for a minute (=getting a rest). An extra benefit of interacting with my colleagues :-)

  • I might have to get a mat or something to place under my feet, as the floor is quite hard. I don’t know whether that’ll help, but apparently many people use that when standing.

So… I’ll keep up the experiment for a while to see whether I really like it. At the moment my guess is that I’ll convert to standing-desk-only.

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