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In the Netherlands, we’re holding levee (dike) experiments at the IJkdijk location. Two levees have been build, stuffed full with various sensors.

The goal? To get those levees to break and to validate which sensors provide useful monitoring data. There are two types of failure which they’re testing:

  • Piping. A sand layer is placed under the levee where water can seep through, undermining the levee.

  • Macro stability. Tanks of water are placed on top of the levee, pushing water into the inner part of the levee. After a while, the pressure is too big and the levee will burst/collapse/fail.

All those monitors are connected to a central database. We (Nelen & Schuurmans) participated together with Fugro. Fugro loaded the data into their Geodin database, we showed the data in a website using our Lizard (build with Django) framework.

What we used a lot: the Flot javascript graph library for beautiful graphs.

The website is only accessible on the experiment location itself, so I made myself a short movie so you can get an idea anyway:

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