Dutch Python meeting on friday 21 september in Utrecht

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The Dutch Python meeting (“PUN”) in september will be on a FRIDAY evening instead of the customary wednesday evening because one of the speakers can’t come on regular weekdays, so we’re trying it out on this alternative day!

I guess some people cannot come on a friday, but probably lots of others can come especially because it is a friday. Please add your name on the wiki page (or alternatively email me) if you think you’ll come, that way I can have an idea of how many people will show up. (You can come anyway even if you don’t add your name, it is just to help me plan the drinks).

The location is conveniently in the center of Utrecht, close to the central station, at Nelen & Schuurmans (same location as January last year, for those that were there). So you can get there easily. If you come by car, there’s a car park very close at hand just behind the “Bijenkorf”.

So… Look at the agenda for the two main talks and start adding a lighting talk of your own!

(p.s. we’ve got a python/django job opening. Just a few days left, though. See my previous blog post.)

Python meeting at Nelen & Schuurmans on 16 February 2011 (photo by Jack)
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