Wednesday morning lightning talks

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PyCon Phillipines - Daniel Greenfeld

Pycon and djangocon have been good to him. Knowledge! Learning new things. Friendship. A career! Networking and stuff. And Audrey.

Some things to keep in mind during a conference: stay professional. During the talks. Don’t do a stupid rant. And during the hallway track. And especially during the evening.

Now on the the actual lightning talk: there will be a pycon in the Phillipines. . 30 June till 1 July in Manilla.

Ponystrap - Audrey Roy

Ponystrap is a js/css toolkit/library for creating Django ponies. For if you want a pony on your website. It is compatible with twitter-bootstrap and basically much everything.

The code is on github: . The main contents:

  • ponystrap.css

  • pony.png

  • Spritely and jquery are dependencies.

You can animate the pony. You can get the wings to move. Or the whole pony to move if you click it. Handy.

(Very professionally presented. She must have listened well to Daniel’s talk :-)

3 weeks without django - Nicola Jordan

He was in Nepal for three weeks. He showed some videos from that trip and made analogies with web development and django.

Bitbucket teams - Brian Nguyen

Since quite recently they have teams in bitbucket now. He showed a quick demo.

Facebook apps - Simon Bächler

A facebook app is often simply an iframe in the context of a facebook page. There are a couple of different kind of apps you can make that differ in the amount of horizontal space you have and in the places where you can use them.

You can also have an app outside of facebook, on its own, using “facebook connect’

They made django-facebook-graph. In there are helper functions to use facebook’s graph api.

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