Wednesday afternoon lightning talks

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Sync-models - Michael P Jung

The basic idea is to synchronize object graphs (for instance messages on a bulletin board) in realtime from the server to the client. Pushing with long polling, perhaps they’ll move to sockets later.

The ingredients: django, gevent, “simple javascript inheritance” by John Resig, knockout.js.

He uses it for a game: .

VIM introduction - Gregor Müllegger

Performance matters! In software, but also while coding. So also give your text editor some love!

He loves VIM.

Learn the cursor movement commands for start/end line/word/sentence/paragraph. Same for selection. Get your editor to understand the languages you work with (html, python, etc).

Nice VIM feature: you can pipe the current selection through a unix command and paste it automatically back in. He demonstrated it with uniq to filter out duplicates.

Get completion of words to work.

Look at for scripts to extend VIM with.

He’s got his dotfiles on github, so also look there for his vim config files.

(Obligatory note: I use emacs, hah! But his points are super valid. And I need to check if emacs can do that pipe-your-selection-to-unix trick!)

CBV tab based navigation - Danilo Bargen

He made a tab based navigation with a class based view (CBV). django-tabination gives you a TabView class, you can create your tabs with this.

You can then hook them up into a tab bar navigation. Sprinkle on some css and you’re done.

Because CBVs are classes, you can make subclasses that behave in a different way. Tabs that are hidden. Default tabs. Tabs that first check if you have permission to see them. And so on.

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