Djangocon lightning talks tuesday morning

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PyCharm - Dmitry Jemerov

He demoed PyCharm. Autocompletion of python code, tag names, block names, filenames, css. Also of context variables. Changing a variable changes it in all the places.

Wow, even debugging inside a template :-) - Adam Awan is a small business automation website (“django business platform”). Sales, invoicing, projects, support tickets.

Written in Django, open source. . Customizable. Translated in quite some languages already, btw.

Django PaaS - Anand Kunria

PaaS means Platform as a Service.

He helps many people/companies move from php to django. So they’re all very new to python. Setting up an environment for such beginners is time consuming. Using a PaaS makes quick projects simple to start. (So: it is basically a project template)

Why this? People want to be able to deploy to different PaaS hosters. folded, for instance. So a simple setup that works everywhere is handy.

Basically you have to do a git clone and then follow the instructions.

The github url:

Scripting your development environment - Ashley Camba

How many people automate their deployments? And… how many people automate their own development environment?

There are many different combinations you have to develop for. Different stacks. And maintaining all those stacks on your own dev laptop is a lot of work. You don’t want to do that.

A solution: vagrant. You can tell it to install your dev environment for you. Vagrant uses virtualbox to create/manage virtual machines. Here’s his example configuration:

He combined it with a fabric script to do most of the setup inside the virtual machine.

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