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I’ve made some fixes to my weblog and especially my ATOM feeds.

  • Entries on the same day are now sorted according to (reverse) modification time instead of title. This means that, when I’m publishing lots of entries on the same day, the latest one will be on top. As it should be. Especially important right now as I’ll be live blogging again at next month’s djangocon.eu conference.

  • The URLs in my ATOM feeds don’t contain an extraneous ./ anymore. It used to be http://reinout.vanrees.org/./weblog/.....

  • In my ATOM feeds, I switched the entry content from xhtml to CDATA html. Especially the ampersands in the photo URLs used to break the pure xhtml validity of my feed. Now it is OK again. See the feed validator.

  • I removed the google analytics javascript code. I’m using gaug.es now and I like it much more than google analytics. I haven’t even looked at google analytics anymore. Gaug.es is that handy. You’ve got to pay, but the $6 per month is worth it to me.

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