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I read a lot about standing desks. Standing at your desk is apparently much better than sitting at one. So I wanted to do an experiment at home. I’m writing a Django book, so I’m spending quite some time at home behind the computer. And sitting behind a desk at home after sitting behind a desk at work for a full day… Not too good an idea.

So I started an experiment where I placed a piece of wood on top of the topmost file drawer. It looks like a mess in the photo as it is actually a mess. I moved last summer and not everything is in order yet..

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Last weekend I bought an Ikea desk surface and some supports at a DIY mall. And I made myself a proper standing desk because, yes, I pretty much like standing at one. At the least it works for a couple of hours of work in the evening.

The advantage is that it makes you physically tired: you’re not letting your legs rot through dis-use and you’re not robbing your legs of necessary oxygen by squeezing off their blood supply by pressing your legs in on a chair.

Anyway, here’s a photo of my current setup:

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Much nicer than the experimental setup! And I’ve got more space in my room as the standing desk is smaller than the previous regular desk. And… it doesn’t take up any floor space: this has an unexpected visual effect. Nice. logo

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