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This year’s PyGrunn 2012 conference will be on 11 May 2012 in, of course, Groningen (‘Grunn’) in the Netherlands. It is a one-day python-and-friends conference.

A quote from Berco Beute to the Dutch Python mailinglist: And don’t forget that the 25 euro is solely for covering the costs of the food and an already legendary t-shirt. Days chock-full of pyhon/geek/hacker fun don’t come much cheaper than that! Still in doubt? Ask someone who visited a previous edition.

Well, I’m a previous visitor (and speaker). So here’s what I have to say:

  • Yes, the tshirt really is great (at least, it was last year).

  • They’ve got a format that ought to be copy/pasted by every organizer: 15 minutes of break between every talk. Every. So you’ve got plenty of time to switch rooms and to grab a coffee and to chat to some people and to talk about the last talk. The relaxing effect it has on the whole day is simply astounding. So you get a technical day full of input AND it is relaxing. Now where do you get that combination?!?

(I’m giving a talk myself, too. Basically it’ll be an extended version of a talk I gave a few months ago at the Dutch Python meeting in Amsterdam, but improved and expanded. You’ll get tips on how to set up your laptop for optimal development joy. Tips to make your life easier and to make yourself a better programmer. Last year I talked about improving your project setup, now I focus on your development laptop!)

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