Not getting github email notifications

Tags: python, django

I got an email from an old bug tracker for zest.releaser yesterday evening. Hey, I didn’t even remember we had that one anymore. Zest.releaser moved to github a couple of months ago, that’s why.

So I asked for the issue to be moved to github. Ok, that happened. But my inbox stayed suspiciously empty. No notifications for new issues. I checked and saw a couple of issues in there that I never saw before.

So I checked every configuration spot in github and every checkbox that ought to send me an email was properly checked. So why didn’t I get some email?

Turns out, after some searching, that Alex King found the reason: the users in the “owner” team for an organization don’t get any emails. You have to be a member of a regular team for that.


  • Yep, I’m a regular team member, too, in the three teams where it applied. So I’m getting emails now :-)

  • Sorry to the people that posted an issue on github for zest.releaser. Neither Maurits nor me got an email about it, so we let them gather dust… logo

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