Font size feedback wanted

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I updated my website early this year and one of the things I changed was to use twitter bootstrap as my basic css framework.

I changed one big thing: I increased the font size. Bootstrap sets @baseFontSize: 13px;, but I increased it to 18px. My reasons:

  • I wanted a bigger font so that it would look better on my iPhone.

  • With the default font, too many words would end up on one line. Some 11 words or so is optimal, according to what I’ve read. And I personally tend to like such a word count. For instance, I used a 11pt font in my PhD thesis instead of the customary 10pt as I liked the layout better that way.

So… what do you think about my font size? Too big? Good? Irritating? I already got feedback twice that the font was a bit big. But I also got feedback that it looked fine.

I also ask it as I’m revising the look-and-feel of the Django websites I work on for my company. I think I’ll stick to bootstrap’s default 13 pixels there. But a bit bigger might give a more luxurious, spacious feel.

Any feedback? Professional input? Everything is welcome! logo

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