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Despite my back, I’m back.

Ouch, my back, ouch

Since the summer my right leg is acting up. We moved to a new house and I probably did too much hard work. My right leg muscles started contracting the whole time, making me limp a bit, giving me muscle pain. Sometimes it felt like my leg was partially on fire.

I went to the doctor and she told me it was probably a lower back problem. A lower back problem can squeeze out another muscle or nerve by constricting it or limiting oxygen supply or so. The problem then radiates from the lower back into other body parts: for instance, a leg. Of course, limping a bit on that leg isn’t too good for your posture, potentially leading to other back problems. The verdict: nothing major, just irritating. She suggested me to go visit a physiotherapist.

Four days later I bend over the wrong way while standing in the bath. It took me five minutes to crawl out of the bath: I severely wrecked my back muscles. I had to lie down in bed or on the sofa for four days. On my left hand side. Sitting or lying or standing or walking were painful. Going to the toilet was a major undertaking.

After three days I started taking stronger-than-aspirine painkillers (ibuproven), which helped getting the pain a bit under control and allowed me to move again. Moving sore muscles is necessary for getting them back in order again.

At the end of the week I managed to sit down (yes! accomplishment!) at my parents’ 40 year wedding anniversery dinner.

Back at work

I stayed home for more than two weeks. First I couldn’t move or sit. Later I could actually sit down on the couch, but not in a regular office chair. And soaking your muscles in a nice hot bath halfway the day, that’s not something I’m going to attempt at the office :-)

Luckily I’m back at work again. The going is slow, as I tire at the end of the day, even when I take regular walks through the office instead of sitting. So I go home earlier.

And I come into the office later, as the internal body repair functions apparently take a lot of energy, so I need to sleep more. And I still prefer to soak in a hot bath in the morning to get my muscles going.

Back at my book

One thing that really suffered during those weeks was my Django book. I wanted to finish three chapters by the end of the month, but that schedule was obviously shot. I’m still occasionally tired (and most book work is in the evening), but I’ve gotten back on track.

Good news: today and tomorrow I’ve taken a day off to work full-time on my book. Well, full-time apart from this evening as there’s a Django meeting in Amsterdam tonight which I’ll attend.

Back at the physiotherapist

I went to the physiotherapist a couple of years ago. And I’m back. With my back. The lower back this time: the last time it was more in my shoulder area.

He helps, as I can do much more than a few weeks ago. I still limp and walking is a chore, but I can at least move about again.

Back to the middle ages

Back to the medieval times of torture… Ouch, it hurts to have a physiotherapist massage a leg muscle that’s been rock solid hard for a couple of months… But it helped!

Back to (Django) blogging

I haven’t blogged in about a month; no wonder, seeing the above. I’m starting again. That Django meeting in Amsterdam tonight? Great time to make summaries again; the program looks great.

Last year was a good blogging year. 165 entries in one year: my second best year. I somehow managed 182 in 2004. I like statistics, so I have two graphs with statistics on my weblog.

Well, I’m back to writing my book now. Bye! logo

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