I got lots of “Solid Django” book feedback

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Wow, I got lots of feedback! Three days ago I mentioned that I’m writing a Django book. With an indication of what I wanted to put into it. I gave it the preliminary title “Solid Django”, so I want to teach proper Django development. Proper, neat, tested, readable, solid.

I asked for feedback and, wow, I got it. Lots of comments on that article with requests like are you going to cover NoSQL and I want REST api suggestions. Good thing that I had to submit a temporary table of contents with my book proposal. This way I could fire off quick responses with yes, I’m planning to cover that or oops, forgot about that or nope, that’ll take too much space.

Thanks a lot for all that feedback. It is pretty humbling to get so much feedback even though I’ve only just started. Valueable, and it’ll help me make it a better book. Of course it also increases the pressure to actually do a good job, but that’s fine :-)

Making it a good book is also what my publisher wants. The pragmatic programmers. They have an internal document with guidelines and tips and tricks for their authors. I just finished it and it made quite an impression on me. They sure are focused on quality! They make sure that I, as an author, will do the absolute best I can do. Their entire process seems focused on quality. That is the impression I get, at least.

This means that I’m going to have to work hard. And give it my best. Which is what I will do (and want to do). But it sure is good that my publisher is going to assure it.

I own quite some pragmatic programmer books. They’re all good. Well-readable. Very few errors and typos. Friendly tone. Active. That’s the benefit to you, as a reader, that you get from their editorial/production process.

Now I am on the author side of that very same editorial/production process. I’ll sure learn a lot. And I’ll take my writing skills to a new level. And I’ll have to work hard at it. Looking forward to it!

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