Book proposal accepted!

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I got great news today: my book proposal has been accepted! Wow.

I wrote before that I got the request to submit a book proposal from my favourite tech publisher. Wow, but I was in the middle of moving to a new house.

Somehow I scraped together enough evenings and nights to do a good job on the book proposal (with a full sample chapter, mind you) and to give it to them for review last wednesday.

And… tonight I got the good news that I’m in. I’ll write a book! First a bit of paperwork and then I’m off. It’ll be hard work, but fun. And I plan on blogging about it regularly, as others might be helped by reading about how I write a book.

(Once I can tell what it will be about I’ll do so. For now I’m keeping quiet about the subject until I’ve figured out how open/closed the publisher wants to be about that.)

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