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I got a question whether I had any nice water-related photos for an upcoming company website. So I digged into my online archive and dug up 13 I like a lot.

So… why not show ‘em here?


Sunset on the Dutch river Vecht (overijselse vecht) near Marienberg.


Small stream in the Belgian Ardennes. C-c-c-c-o-l-d wawawater.


French reservoir near Kruth in the Vosges mountains.


Same French reservoir near Kruth.


Dinkel in the east of the Netherlands. A subsidiary of the Vecht.


Again the Vecht, now in Germany near Metelen.


The same Vecht where it starts at the point where two small streams join.


Drentse Aa, a still natural-looking stream in the Netherlands.


Windmill along the ‘Vlist’ stream at Bonrepas in the Netherlands. This is where in 1787, the niece of the Prussian king was detained for a while during a Dutch revolution. A good way to get some 20-30000 crack Prussian troops to raid your pretty revolution and crush it :-)


River Lek at Schoonhoven in the Netherlands.


Beautiful Dutch sky. Martinus Nijhof bridge at Zaltbommel.


Crossing the river Lek near Wijk bij Duurstede in the Netherlands. A heavy side wind got the ferry to make some weird manouvers to make it to the other shore. Fun to watch.


Crossing of the Amsterdam-Rhine canal with the Lek River near Wijk bij Duurstede. A river crossing a big canal is not something that happens a lot.

Anyway, just some water related photos :-)

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